Benjamin Franklin Academy Curriculum

Benjamin Franklin Academy’s curriculum incorporates content-rich academic courses with hands-on and values-based components, to enrich students’ lives in their pursuit of happiness.

Middle School Curriculum

Basic Academic Classes
 English Language Arts
 Aleks Math
 Earth, Biological, Environmental Sciences

Hands-on and Active Classes
 Theater-including Music and Art
 Health and Wellbeing
 Physical Education
 Open Roads

Values Education
 Open Roads
 Student Government

High School Curriculum

In order to be awarded a Benjamin Franklin Academy high school diploma, students must earn a minimum of 26 credits. For an Honors diploma, 27-8 credits and a 3.5 grade average are required. These standards exceed State requirements by 6-8 credits.

All the features of the middle school curriculum will continue at the high school level with advanced content.

Special High School Learning Opportunities and Experiences

(1) ELOs- Student-driven Learning Experiences Beyond the Classroom

At Benjamin Franklin Academy, we recognize and value that each student has a unique way of learning and engaging with their education.  We will develope an Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) program to provide authentic learning experiences that allow students to engage with academic content, community partners, and/or vocational material. Most of these experiences take place during a student’s third and fourth years. ELOs are credit-bearing, student-driven experiences that take place outside of a traditional classroom setting. These opportunities allow students to:

Experience Hands-on Work
Explore a Hobby or Academic Subject
Discover New Career Paths
Make Valuable Industry and Career Connections 

(2) Electives 
Teachers will offer special classes according to their interests.

(3) Senior Projects
Students will create a project of their own related to the mission of the school.

(4) Early Start or Running Start Classes

Our Seven Pillars

Campfire: To begin the day with a positive approach.

The American Dream: An American history-centered curriculum to ground the students in their country’s history and culture.

Toolbox: To build self-confidence through learning the skills of basic trades, such as carpentry, agriculture and the home arts.

Open Roads: To explore the world through trips and outdoor experiences and adventure.

Showtime: To bring together all the themes of the school into dramatic productions. Allied Arts, to deepen knowledge and appreciation of the themes of the school through art and music.

The Country Store: To develop good business practices and entrepreneurship through selling products made or grown at the school.

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